Humming for What?

This is my court. This is my playground. This is my tree. This is my place of contemplation. This is a place where I can breathe. It’s my mad house, for revolution and change.

I lived my life according to my true self and the things I learned and picked up on the way. Yes, it was so hard, I lost my way many many times, but then something woke up, maybe a shift in my awareness, and gently floated me to my personal salvation.  I learnt no one, no deity or supreme being can save me, there is only me. Then I stopped  complaining from my wounds, just allowed sunlight to shine in through the cracks.

I love Hummingbirds, once I read that when a Hummingbird dies she leaves no trace, she decays entirely in nature taking along her beauty and courage, and I hope that one day I will wither and leave no trace behind, not of my good nor of my bad.

This place here is for me to say my word in this world.

Dixi et salvavi animam meam.

One Response to Humming for What?

  1. Too late…you’ve already left a trace of yourself that will remain forever. The world is better because of you!

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